Introducing A Better Lactation Cookie

wheat free lactation cookies

A Better Lactation Cookie

There are so many lactation cookies on the market, but one theme we found over and over again is that these products all contain high amounts of sugar as well as wheat in their recipes.

Shortly after the birth of our son, we discovered he was sensitive to not only dairy, but also wheat that was making it's way into the breast milk. Relying on lactation cookies to keep my supply as high as possible, I quickly realized there just wasn't a product out there for me, or my son.

We knew there had to be a solution to this issue, and I went hard to work in the kitchen, substituting this, and experimenting with that, and came up with what many of the moms who have tried our cookie think are the best tasting, most nutritious wheat-free lactation cookies available on the market.

We hope you find our lactation cookies to be not only delicious, but help keep your supply at optimal levels, without the high-sugar, high-wheat recipes of the big companies.

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