What Are The Benefits Of Wheat Free Lactation Cookies?

the benefits of wheat free lactation cookies


A lot of people ask me why I decided to make Milk Monkey Cookies a wheat free lactation cookie. They often wonder what are the benefits of wheat free lactation cookies? First, I cut out wheat to help my son’s health and I realized how much it helped my own health as well. Second, it’s better for you and for your baby and I am incredibly passionate about health. There are so many positive benefits to removing wheat from your diet, keeping it out of your baby’s diet, and adding in healthier alternatives.

Health Benefits Of Wheat Free Lactation Cookies For Mom


Giving birth is an incredibly trying experience. They tell you in the hospital to take time and make sure you heal, stressing rest and sleep. However, they aren’t telling new moms that diet is one of the most important aspects of healing. Providing your body with proper nutrition allows it to heal faster. Unfortunately the cornerstone of the American diet, wheat, is devoid of nutrition because of how it is processed.

Removing wheat from your diet and replacing it with alternative flours gives your body more nutrients and will help you get through a physically demanding and exhausting experience. Unfortunately, it is hard to think about all of that when your body feels like it ran an ultra marathon. I wanted to create a product to share the benefits of wheat free lactation cookies so that moms would be able to give their bodies what they need to heal while being convenient and delicious.


Wheat just like sugar is an inflammatory substance that causes all of your tissues to become swollen. Most people don’t feel the inflammatory effects of wheat because they eat so many wheat products so often. However, from personal experience I know that your muscles and tissues are very sensitive after giving birth and are already inflamed from pregnancy and labor. The best way to help yourself heal is to relieve inflammation.

Most lactation cookies on the market are incredibly high in wheat and sugar. Both of these cause inflammation that can create or exacerbate problems after you give birth. I had a lot of post birth injuries and I needed to become more discerning in my dietary choices to lower inflammation. That meant that I cut down on carbs and sugar, and removed wheat completely from my diet.

After removing wheat from my diet I noticed so many more issues decreasing. My postpartum acne cleared up within a week, my joints hurt less, and my injuries felt less symptomatic. However, I constantly craved sweets and I noticed a dip in my milk supply. So I created my own recipe so I could get my chocolate fix and keep my supply up, all while keeping the amazing benefits of being wheat-free.

Low Glycemic

Another one of the benefits of wheat free lactation cookies is that they are lower on the glycemic index. I’m sure we’ve all done this where we eat something only to be hungry again in an hour. That is because wheat and sugar spike your insulin and then it drops down, causing you to constantly feel hungry or even “hangry”. Using low glycemic foods allows these cookies to keep you full for longer.

There are so many days with a baby where you are drowning in laundry or dishes, just want to take a shower, or are even “nap trapped” by your little one. I can’t even count the numbers of days I was starving all the time because breastfeeding made me so hungry but I almost never got a chance to eat. When I switched over to wheat free lactation cookies I noticed I could eat two or three and not need to eat for hours. The slow digesting carbs that these cookies contain don’t spike your insulin and the extra fat and protein from the almond flour keep you feeling fuller for longer.

health benefits of wheat free foods for nursing mothersHealth Benefits Of Wheat Free Lactation Cookies

For Baby

There are certainly plenty of lactation cookies that you can buy. The reality is that I created my own out of necessity. My son has a sensitivity to wheat and would break out in a rash and become bloated and fussy when I ate wheat and nursed him.

My son was diagnosed when he was a few months old with eczema. That clear, soft baby skin that I would see on many babies was not the reality for my son. His was angry, red, irritated, and sometimes hived and I knew I needed to help him. I tried all the traditional methods even steroid creams. They all helped temporarily but nothing gave him long term relief. I started cutting foods out of my diet and when I gave up the wheat, his skin cleared up. He no longer has eczema flare ups and has that beautiful soft clear baby skin we all know and love.

Even before the eczema my son was a fussy baby. He was constantly passing gas and had a hard bloated belly. The pediatrician recommended cutting out dairy which helped so much but he still had a hard bloated stomach. Almost as soon as his skin cleared up so did his fussing and bloating. Just like adults, wheat and gluten causes bloating and inflammation.

Just like adults, wheat can cause issues for babies as well. Whether it is when they are eating solid foods or ingesting it through their mother’s breast milk. When I cut out wheat my son felt better. He didn’t cry as much, he didn’t look so bloated, and his skin cleared up. Even though my baby is extra sensitive to it, no baby needs to ingest wheat because no adult needs to ingest it either. I wanted to help mothers find a better alternative for themselves and their children.

benefits of almonds for nursing momsHealth Benefits Of Almonds

I bet you’re thinking now, “if I can’t have wheat, what can I have?” There are a lot of alternative flours on the market but my personal favorite, and Milk Monkey Cookies priced alternative, is almond flour. Almonds are incredibly nutritious and are also highly lactogenic which is perfect for us breastfeeding mamas. The best part is, you can’t taste the difference!

What do almonds have that wheat doesn’t? Well, just about everything a breastfeeding mother needs. Almonds are very high in omega-3 fatty acids which help regulate breastfeeding hormones. Almonds are also high in minerals that are so important when you’re breastfeeding because you are losing so much fluid. Not to mention the higher protein and fiber intake.

The main minerals your body needs are potassium, magnesium, and calcium. Potassium will help balance your electrolytes and fluids with all that water you’ll be drinking. Calcium is important when you’re breastfeeding so that you don’t lose any bone mass that can occur with having low estrogen (a natural side effect of feeding our little ones). Magnesium promotes muscle relaxation and can reduce stress hormones, making it easier for your body to produce milk.

When you compare almonds protein and fiber to wheat there is no contest. Almonds contain 50% more protein than wheat and 12g of fiber per serving. Both of these will keep you fuller for longer which is so important when you are the sole provider for your little one’s nutrition.

It is also so easy to substitute and you can’t tell. The almond flour provides Milk Monkey Cookies with a slightly nutty flavor that pairs perfectly with the chocolate. No one can believe they’re wheat free, we’ve heard lots of encouraging feedback from mothers siting the benefits of wheat free lactation cookies!


There you have it. The reasons why I created my company that seeks to offer mother the benefits of wheat free lactation cookies. I created this cookie for myself, so that I could keep up my supply to feed my son and feel good while doing it but along the way it became so much more. I truly believe in my product and want other mothers and babies to feel the benefits that I have. If you feel like this delicious and healthy lactation cookie is something you want to try, please follow my link to purchase. http://milkmonkeycookies.com/products/

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